TOTAL PACKAGE Professional Coaching is a leading service organization that offers complete solutions for job seekers and career conscious individuals.

“Empowering Individuals toward a Rewarding and Purposeful Career/Life” – Coach Ed Adamowicz , Founder and CEO 

“Consulting Corporate Clients on Proven Cost-Per-Hire Talent Acquisition Strategies” – Coach Ed Adamowicz , Founder and CEO 

Our CLIENTS have come to expect that TPPC shortens the hiring time cycle with a truly innovative suite of services and simply stated, TPPC makes it happen sooner rather than later. TO LEARN ABOUT HOW WE BENEFIT CAREER SEEKERS (CLIENTS), CLICK HERE

We provide our BUSINESS PARTNERS with a customized array of services that truly benefit them. Partners range from; search firms, job boards, institutions of higher education, corporate, healthcare, financial planners and many more. TO LEARN ABOUT HOW WE WORK WITH BUSINESS PARTNERS, CLICK HERE  Our solutions and services range from comprehensive Professional RÉSUMÉ WRITING, CUSTOMIZED PERSONAL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS which includes PERSONAL BRANDING INITIATIVES, to the most innovative and productive PROFESSIONAL COACHING available in the marketplace. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR OFFERINGS, CLICK HERE

We have assisted hundreds of people during this economic downturn, the worst economy in 80 years, in not only getting a job, but a career position for which they were best suited.  Our services range from the highest quality of professional résumé writing to the most comprehensive career coaching suite of services in the global marketplace today.